Starting The Adventure: Why I Made This Blog

Hello all,

My name’s Carl, and I just mainly wanted to talk to you guys about Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve got my own little campaign going currently with my friends which I’ve been running a good while now, ¬†with some hiatuses in between, but I’ve absolutely loved writing the world and taking my friends on adventures.

The main thing about this blog is to share this with you all. I love the campaign and shenanigans of my time with my friends, and so I just wanted to “tell my story” to the world. Well, it’s not really just my story anymore I guess, it’s a story of a bunch of people, and how they made my life better by going on adventures with me throughout fantasy worlds thought up by famous authors, other friends, and of course, me. No real series posts are in mind except for The Campaign¬†Stonehand, in which I’ll chronicle the current campaign I’m dungeon mastering, other than that it’ll be little tidbits about how I started in DND, behaviors I love or hate at the table, and, of course, other little things about DND and its community that I love.

I want this blog to have lots of communication, because that’s what I’m making it for. I want to let my thoughts out, but I want to know if your thoughts are the same, different, or why you think stuff is fun or boring. Roll for iniative, cause I’m about to take you guys on an adventure.