New Campaign – Onesie Crew

Hey guys, just wanted to make a short post about probably starting a new series of posts involving my new DND group. Don’t worry. I’m still going to work hard at putting out posts for the Onesie Crew when I get the energy (I know I’m not consisent), but I figure some variety by writing between alternating campaigns on the blog would really help.

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DM Thoughts – New Campaigns, Attempts Come to Fruition

So with my main campaigners being a little more busy lately, med school, college, jobs all that, we’ve been honestly been low in frequency of play. Probably once every 2-3 months, even though I still have much story to tell you about that, so I’ll keep writing about that till I catch up. Still, I was thirsty for more DND and after a few failed attempts I at least got a game with a new group.

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Clowns, Thieves, and Chasms

“The circus tent erupted in a panic as Ava lost control of her giant constrictor snake, and it began rampaging through the crowd. Harbard, Thorion, and Alistair quickly dispatched it, leaving it dead but at least the crowd safe to continue the circus festivities. As they cleaned up the mess, trying to figure out why the snake went out of control, they all notice from the corner of their eyes, the swish of a brown cloak sneaking away.”

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Character Codex: Thorion “Lightbringer”

Thorion introduced at the same time as another character you guys will meet, is the second/third (since it was simultaneous) player character to enter the  fray in the Conqueror’s Continent. Thorion was unique, in that when I received the original draft and ideas for the character’s backstory, I expected a gruff, lone soul. But what I got was so much more bumbling, clumsy, but endearing.


Thorion Lightbringer
Art by Gauntes/Gun Kim

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Clothes for a New Party

“Araxia snorted as they walked into the bustling city. Many a fearful stare looked at the towering man and his pet wolf, but Harbard appeared more preoccupied by the wonder of the fanciful jugglers, men and women tumbling with painted faces, and the new city that he was too explore. Living most of his life in an arena, followed by a full bout in the mountains, civilization was still unusual to Harbard. ‘A circus’ a random passerby told him was the occasion, ‘visiting in to entertain us.’ Harbard was amused but was more intent on blending in with the civilized people. What better way than to dress up than those people that others kept seeming to bow or greet all the time?”

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DM Thoughts – Inspirations, Burnout, and Why I haven’t been Writing on this Blog

Hey guys, it’s been a little bit since I’ve written on this blog, and I was just gonna give an apology and a short explanation into the whole situation. I know it’s not really good to give excuses but I feel if I outline it, not only for whoever is reading, but myself, maybe I’ll gain a reason to tell myself, “that sounds fair but I still think you should still keep writing Carl.”

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Put in Their Place

“Blood boiling, Harbard feet stomped on the ground, trying to keep up with Araxia. He couldn’t believe he could be so careless, that some thieves would be able to steal his pack while he slept. Luckily, Araxia had caught their scent, and he had followed them. He found them greedily counting out their findings, and he spared no hesitation in attacking. He cleaved the larger man’s head from his body, and he began approaching the wiry young man who appeared frozen from fear. Harbard’s form towered over the boy, his rage settling down, as a new idea popped into his head.”

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An Elf (Half, really) in Need

“Round and round and round they walked. Araxia’s sense of smell was being tricked, and Harbard’s sense of direction was being sent haywire. An unusual enchantment indeed, but Harbard kept putting one foot in front of the other, not knowing the magic that kept directing his steps off the wrong way. Eventually, however, he finally spots a clearing in the trees, and a small bungalow in the center. He spots the figure of an elven woman, taking a hoe to a small fenced field in front of the home. Araxia growls, and the head peaks up, now brandishing the hoe like a weapon.”

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Character Codex: Harbard Stonehand Kalathai

Harbard Stonehand, as he was originally only dubbed, is the first character ever entered into the Conqueror’s Continent storyline, being the character of a solo adventure between me and my roommate Shawn. Harbard is a fun character that I enjoy in his ever changing thoughts and actions.  A Goliath Totem Barbarian of epic proportions, Harbard runs through his foes, and standing as a shield in front of his allies.  Read more