Put in Their Place

“Blood boiling, Harbard feet stomped on the ground, trying to keep up with Araxia. He couldn’t believe he could be so careless, that some thieves would be able to steal his pack while he slept. Luckily, Araxia had caught their scent, and he had followed them. He found them greedily counting out their findings, and he spared no hesitation in attacking. He cleaved the larger man’s head from his body, and he began approaching the wiry young man who appeared frozen from fear. Harbard’s form towered over the boy, his rage settling down, as a new idea popped into his head.”

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An Elf (Half, really) in Need

“Round and round and round they walked. Araxia’s sense of smell was being tricked, and Harbard’s sense of direction was being sent haywire. An unusual enchantment indeed, but Harbard kept putting one foot in front of the other, not knowing the magic that kept directing his steps off the wrong way. Eventually, however, he finally spots a clearing in the trees, and a small bungalow in the center. He spots the figure of an elven woman, taking a hoe to a small fenced field in front of the home. Araxia growls, and the head peaks up, now brandishing the hoe like a weapon.”

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Character Codex: Harbard Stonehand Kalathai

Harbard Stonehand, as he was originally only dubbed, is the first character ever entered into the Conqueror’s Continent storyline, being the character of a solo adventure between me and my roommate Shawn. Harbard is a fun character that I enjoy in his ever changing thoughts and actions.  A Goliath Totem Barbarian of epic proportions, Harbard runs through his foes, and standing as a shield in front of his allies.  Read more

DM Thoughts: How I Became Hooked on Dungeons and Dragons

When my friend Lauren came to me saying that her boyfriend Marcus was wanting to run a Dungeons and Dragons adventure, I found myself more excited that I ever had been about a game in my life. I was at a point in college where I wasn’t really excited about the video games I played anymore (unless they were co-op), and found that time with my friends was really what mattered to me. Lauren really sold it to me, talking about how her dad had played and GMed for years, and Marcus told me exciting times with his friends in Germany about it. I honestly was giddier than I ever imagined, even though I tried to play it cool.

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A New Friend in Battle

“Towering over the small middle-aged priest, the Goliath man held out the unmoving body of the direwolf. He asked with a tenderness unusual from the mouth of a half-giant for the priest to heal the dying beast. The priest kneeled down as his hands began to glow, calling upon the magic of Pelor unto himself. The Goliath was ever present throughout the process, his tension almost palpable on the priests neck. Finally, the wolf’s breathing grew less labored, and the priest heard the Goliath let out a sigh of relief.”


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New Encounters, New Friends


“Shaumur Kung excitedly invited the Goliath man into his inn, having never had a chance to converse with the famed denizens of the Mountains of the Sun. The people shied away from the hulking goliath, but Shaumur’s wife Imzel, ever the angel, welcomed the man warmly, asking about his needs. After enjoying the atmosphere of the inn, Harbard inquired about any rumours of giants. Shaumur knew of no giants, but felt that the clerics in the temple of Pelor centered at the heart of the Mountains of the Sun would know. Harbard thanked the man and decided to head back into the mountains. Shaumur sounded a warning to him as he stepped out to beware the lone black direwolf that stalks the mountains with its red eyes and its smell of magic. Harbard only grunted back, worried only about continuing his journey.”

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Behind the Screen: The Conqueror’s Continent


The Conqueror's Continent
Made in Inkarnate

The Conqueror’s Continent is the main setting of the campaign I’m currently running. I built the Conqueror’s Continent because I wanted to build my own living and breathing world. I had run a campaign in the Sword Coast previously, and most DND games I had played in myself were set in the Forgotten Realms as well. I think I was most fascinated by the one DND game where our DM created the world, because I couldn’t just discover things about the world online. It was fresh, it was new, and but also frustrating in the fact that I didn’t know everything. That just sparked hunger in my character and myself’s need to explore, so I wanted to create the same feeling.

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The First Few Steps

“The heavy journey started lightly for Harbard. His trek south carried him through the beauty of the mountains he knew so well. Hunting daily, he met some kind travelers who directed him to his destination, the town of Gilrest. His journey was interrupted by some bushes come to life, which he ferociously cut down with his axe. Harbard’s trail deviated from the town, leading him to a cave. A small fire glowed from inside, and led him to a modest homestead. A hooded woman knelt by the flames, beckoning him in.”

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The Goliath’s Rage

“Harbard Stonehand was a Goliath known in his home mountains as a fierce fighter. He fought ferociously in single combat, but could also be a kind and gentle soul. Losing his wife in childbirth, he took care of his two still unnamed children, waiting for their name day. A shadow from Harbard’s past, however, took what remained. An Ice Giant named Lothrok, whom Harbard had defeated in battle years ago, sent his pet bear to kill Harbard’s children. Nothing left to lose, Harbard slew the bear and began preparations to hunt down the ice giant, whose whereabouts Harbard would have to track.”
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